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Open Education

Open education has also spawned the open education movement, a movement that supports the creation of open courseware and the use of open source tools.  Courseware and tools are normally free and can be modified to meet student, instructor or institutional needs. 

ODL methods and tools are being widely embraced by institutions in the developing world who are struggling to find inexpensive ways to deliver a quality education to their growing populations. 


What is ODL?

Open and Distance Learning or ODL represents two separate but complimentary concepts: Distance Learning and Open Education.Distance learning reflects the physical separation of the teacher and students during the learning experience. Different methods and technologies are used to connect learners and their supporting institution and instructor. Connections be achieved using low tech methods such as paper-based content and snail mail submission of assignments. Or the use as high tech methods such as the Internet and a variety of online educational tools to create a collaborative learning environment..

The Company

Innovative Training Solutions Inc. is a company that prides itself in helping others become successful no matter where they live.

We provide our expertise and experience to institutions and clients who wish to expand their capability in Open and Distance Learning (ODL).

The aim of this web site is to describe our capabilities to potential clients and to share our own experiences and ideas with interested ODL. Double-click to edit text, or drag to move.

The ideal is an "education for all"..